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The Village

Fearrington Village is a unique community. Nestled in the quiet countryside of Chatham County, Fearrington is only minutes away from downtown Chapel Hill. The Research Triangle Park and RDU Airport are within easy reach.

Fearrington Village offers an exceptional lifestyle. Although an ideal setting for raising a family, the greatest appeal is to retirees and empty-nesters. But it isn't the chairs that rock in Fearrington. Residents here participate in a wide variety of activities ranging from hobby-oriented clubs to political and religious activities to various sports-related groups, to adult education opportunities on all kinds of topics.

The "Village" of Fearrington is a tourist destination with a variety of charming shops and restaurants including the Fearrington House Inn, which boasts one of only two 5-star restaurants in North Carolina, and the ever-popular McIntyre's Book store.

Several parks, ponds, streams, woodlands and miles of walking trails throughout the community......and the signature, Belted Galloway cows that grace the meadows near the village center, create an esthetic that contributes to the unique ambience of Fearrington.

A Swim Club and Croquet facility, and separate tennis courts, are available to members who join their respective clubs.

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